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Kai.Z is an artist who writes, produces, and sings. Her pop musical style includes modern, cinematic dark and dreamy songs. She loves to add vocals, along with playing flute and taiko, which incorporates her classical, Japanese, and pop musical influences.  Kai.Z enjoys thinking outside the box and coloring outside the lines. As a child, she started writing songs to express her thoughts and feelings when she was too shy to share them with others. Music has always been cathartic for her, and results in her songs often expressing the sadness and loss of the human experience.  

Kai.Z comes from a multiracial background and identifies with many who live on the fringes of the mainstream. With one foot in and one foot out, Kai.Z writes lyrics that shares the internal conflict and pain we all experience. With powerful and memorable melodies and the unique lyrics, her songs capture difficult emotions and allows us to feel them together, so we know we are not alone.  Having journeyed through extreme darkness as the result of a serious and chronic illness and multiple surgeries, Kai.Z has experienced being broken open and having to rediscover her true self in this new state of being. Kai.Z’s music is also outlet for the darkness she has dealt with as a psychologist, and a retired criminal Profiler, which provided opportunities to understand and interact with people who have experienced intense, and often painful situation. Kai.Z believes that emotions allow us insights into ourselves and that even the darker feelings are vital for us to acknowledge and accept. 

Besides her multiracial, musical, and emotional diversity, Kai.Z also has had different experiences s a practicing psychologist, and a retired criminal Profiler, her music has been an outlet for you. These experiences provided opportunities to understand and interact with people who have lived interesting, and sometimes painful lives. In addition, Musically, Kai.Z has been a member of various bands, and performed in orchestras with her flute, along with being a performing member of Koshin, a Taiko group.  

Today, Kai.Z focuses on writing, and producing music, for her own songs, and also collaborates with others to create a catalogue of songs that touch people and help them connect to their intense with their anger sadness, fear, loneliness, happiness and other emotions, so they can better understand their true selves, and others.  She hopes that her songs will touch you too.

Air and Water


Air and Water is a haunting, sad, song about loss and longing when someone recognizes that a relationship is over. The melodic, ethereal melodies and modern production provide the emotional backdrop.

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